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Angel Wing Wishes

I designed the first 4 Angels in my Angel Wing Wishes Collection with my father who was 80 at the time.  He's a bit of a shy artist and after working on 4 sketches he said to me..."Ok, I'm done....if you want'll have to do them!"  So I went on to design more and ultimately had 10 cast in solid steel using the ancient art of the "lost wax" method of casting.

Our Angels are dipped into an antiquing patina and hand-rubbed with glimmering "Halo Dust." If the dust comes onto your hands, it means you've been blessed!

On the back of each organza pouch is her name and a little poem I wrote about her. Inside; each Angel comes packaged with what I call a "Moment of Meditation" experience. Inside a corked tube holds a special piece of paper and a pencil. The directions say...whether it's a Wish, a Prayer, a Blessing or a Gratitude, write your message on that special paper, follow the directions and roll that paper into a cylinder and stand it upright on the Angel Wing circle.  Light the top of the paper and think about your message as it burns, but wait....before it burns down to the platform the paper will safely soar up to the ceiling and your thoughts on up to Heaven.  If you hold out your hand and catch the floating ash you'll discover it looks like an Angel Wing!  Your Angel is there to remind you to live and love that message!

Oh...Dad is now 89 and every once in awhile will ask..."How are the girls doing?"


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