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About Us

My name is Julie and this all started 13 years ago when trying to sell my jewelry and the Angel Collection I designed called "Angel Wing Wishes." However, all everyone wanted to know is where they could buy the clothes I wore when selling at shows and fairs.  So, I added accessories, scarves, wraps and what I called "convertible clothing," designs you could wear several ways....and I would demonstrate "how to wear." 
When I started wearing my "Fancy Britches" (bloomers and pantaloons) the ladies went nuts! "I must have those!" "Where can I buy?" And I would say...."but I would have to sell these for $50!" (I am personally, very frugal!)
But they did not care the cost!  So I purchased one prepack of the bloomers and one prepack of pantaloons...and they SOLD OUT immediately!   That is when I decided...."I am going to sell what I like to wear!"
Fast-forward 13-years later, I have the wonderful privilege to bring into my business and experience this journey with my sister Joyce and our sister-in-law; Chrissy.  Together we have four locations, Shipshewana & La Porte, Indiana and Swanton, Ohio.
Our next chapter has arrived! We are launching our Private Label YouBou Fashion a Collection of our own "Slip Dresses & Fancy Britches!"  These offerings will partner beautifully with our layering concepts!
The girls and I invite you inside our website to look, shop and create your own style. Whether you love to layer or you have a more simple aesthetic, we have something you'll LOVE!
Please don't hesitate to reach out; ask a question or seek advice, we're here to help....
Come Let Us Dress You!